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About Us


Greene Clothe Collective aims to provide Black and brown people with affordable, luxurious, and economically friendly experiences and lifestyle alternatives. We offer Box bed services, where we will come out and build a bed for a family, and throughout the process, we teach people about the basics and importance of growing their own food. We also provide maintenance services for families or individuals who might need extra care.

Our Mission

Greene Clothe is a black feminist collective established by young black femmes in response to food insecurity in the southern United States. Greene Clothe represents our lives woven together, Greene Clothe is the fabric of our skin. From the soil where we are born to the oceans through which we travel, these are our gifts to the world. A lifestyle, most definitely, a community undoubtedly. From the rainforest of Guyana to the beaches of the Bahamas to the sidewalks of Georgia, we are Greene Clothe. Our work is expansive yet rooted in brilliant understandings of black feminist theory and practice. Together we co-create imaginative black radical futures without the harmful violence's of carceral systems, patriarchal violence, and food apartheid.

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