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Last Day of Summer: Camp

Welcome to our Freedom Dream. 

Last Day of Summer is a series of excursions to the coastal saltwater Geechee lands of Sapelo Island for young Black farmers to engage in mutual aid work with the aging community of the historic Hog Hammock neighborhood. The initiative was birthed from the minds of Jennifer Thompson of Greene Clothe Collective and Eva Dickerson of Passionfruit Farms, two young Black women farmers who share a love for land stewardship, food justice, and Black cultural preservation.

Last Days of Summer: Camp is the realization of many manifestations between Sapelo community members and the founders/members of Greene Clothe Collective and Passionfruit Farms. Our hearts sing at the opportunity to bring you into this chance to practice abolition, imagine greener futures, and revere the sacredness of Gullah culture in Georgia.

Campers will travel from around Georgia to offer their time, talent, and tithe to the sacred land. Under the light of the full moon, we will consult with elders and build intimacies from which our deepest desires for freedom can be revealed. We will fashion our own healing and that of our people through communion with the land, the sea, and each other.

Trips will occur once a  month starting in June. Applications for each trip will open 8 weeks before.

2021 Trip Dates

June 25th - 27th

July 23th - 25th

Aug. 20th - 22nd

Sept. 24th - 26th

Oct. 22nd - 24th

Applications are now open for the June 25th, 2021 Trip!

Application Closes on June 1st, 2021 @ 12:59pm EST

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